Canada is a haven for fishing and hunting with its extraordinary number of fishing lakes and a variety of established cabins and resorts. Every year, tons of tourists flock these sites to exhibit their love for the sport or just to enjoy the peaceful scenery and relax while fishing.

If you decide to visit Canada for a fishing trip, here are some tips for you to enjoy your trip.

Acquiring a license?

Non-residents of the area at the age of 18 and above must acquire a license in order to fish and to abide by the regulations of the lake. Those under 18 can still fish but only with licensed adults. However, the person under 18 can’t have a catch limit, so it’s still recommended to purchase a license for under 18 fisherman.

What hooks and baits to use?

Most lakes in Canada have catch and release regulations. This also includes the kind of hook to use. The regulations permit single barbless hook, which can be done by filling in or squeezing the barbed area. This is done to decrease the death rate of fish being caught and released to the lake.

As for baits, live-bait fish is a big no-no for catch and release lakes. So bring alternative baits required by the lakes you’re going to fish at.

Dealing with trophy fishes

You never know, you could get a trophy fish in no time. However, in catch and release lakes, it’s necessary for you to return the trophy fish back to the water. In order to preserve your triumph in catching one, you should measure the length and girth of the fish. Take a picture afterwards for proof of your success.

How to release the fish?

Being careful is the key so the fish is still breathing while you release it to the water. Play the fish quickly and release it as soon as you have taken the measurements and the picture. Remember to quickly remove the hook from the fish as soon as you get it. Don’t squeeze the fish too much or poke the gills or the eye sockets.

If the fish becomes unconscious, you should hold it upright in the water then move it to and fro to let the water run into the gills. After a few minutes, the fish will struggle and that’s the time to release it.

The best way to enjoy Canadian fishing is to integrate these tips and enjoy the scenery. Good luck with fishing and most importantly, have fun!