Supertrip Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – visual tour

Supertrip Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – visual tour

A quick look over the Supertrip Fishing rod/reel set
Gearbest fishing gear:
This comes with the reel but can both can be bought individually with lengths available from 1.8M/5.9ft – 3.6M/11.81ft

Shorter lengths come with the 3000 reel longer ones the larger 5000 model

Please read the text review below for my thoughts on this set.

Makers description:

Telescopic fishing rod is made from high density carbon fibre and alloy, make your fishing pole reliable and durable.Design with guide ring, never hurt the fishing line, Telescopic length design for conveniently carrying around. Comes with the pad for comfortable holding.
Aluminium spinning reel has front drag, right/left inter-changeable handle, support for both sides,can operate steadily and make it easy to catch big fish. Excellent line lay oscillation system, Highly rigid fluted disc and steel rack bar transmission structure make it run smoothly and help catch fish without any effort. All interval parts have been toughened and have gear durability twice higher than the industry standard. Light, smooth line,absolute good fishing reel.
The telescopic fishing rod is portable, and closed length design is easy to carry.Opened Length:2.4M/7.87ft.Closed Length:approx 40cm/1.31ft
Model:3000; Ball Bearings: 12+1BB;Gear Ratio:5.1:1;Line capacity:0.20mm/270m 0.25mm/200m 0.30mm/140m

My review:

For review I looked at the 2.4M/7.87ft+3000 set

This arrived in a basic slip case, tip protector, with a boxed reel (and a soft storage case for it).
Starting with the rod first which is available to buy on it’s own. The collapsed size is 41cm in length extending up in 7 sections to the full 2.4M. It’s a bit unusual to see an extending handles you unscrew this and pull it back. No doubt the maker is trying to make the rod as small as possible for carrying – handle extends just under 12cm with a handle length of 33.5cm up to the screw thread area. The cap at the back can be removed and there is a bit of space for possibly a small hook rig in there not a huge area as the rod sections move above it.

Immediately I noted the first “problem” and that is the padding on the handle. Nothing wrong with it a dense foam material; the foam area is only 9cm long it really needs to go the entire length of the handle for one obvious reason…fishing is a two handed activity. You’ll have to grip the glossy area above this when using both hands. It’s just about large enough for one mid sized hand to grip it.

Personally I don’t care that much for the colourful “bling” look to the rod it’s a bit over the top even extending to the metal guides which have a rainbow colour effect. However it is different (if you’re after that), and the rod is well made with aluminium on many parts of the handle including the reel seat/adjusters and top section of the handle.
Moving to the reel now this is branded as “Yumoshi” with a 3000 size it’s a good fit for the rod. Front drag control with a ratio of 5:5:1 (one handle turn = 5 revolutions on the spool) it feels very solid in the hand with a metal foot/support arm. A smooth action with 12+1 ball bearings and aluminium on the spool area. Usual anti reverse switch at the bottom and a varnished wood handle. This can be exchanged left/right but the best feature is the push button which lets you collapse the arm in for storing. Most rods require you to partly unscrew them to do this.

It’s a fine reel and I like the action and feel of it. Capacity is also quite good at 12/240 15/190 20/130 LBS/YDS (0.20mm/270m 0.25mm/200m 0.30mm/140m) above average for a reel this size you should have no problems with casting distances.

A slightly mixed bag with this both the rod and reel feel much better in person than photos can illustrate. However I need to spend more time using this to see how it holds up to more intensive fishing (and stress), so I will update the review to reflect that. If the maker improved the handle design to include a larger grip area that would be very welcomed. I might also tone down the look a bit, no doubt some might like the rather loud appearance.

It does collapse into a nice small size and will work well where you want to keep the space down to a minimum maybe a holiday/travel rod or as a spare/second rod. Do get a case for it even though you can store it in the slip bag it’s far easier to leave the reel attached. If the maker included one even with a slight price hike it would be worth it. Not a stand out rod on it’s own, the excellent reel lifts the overall appeal quite a bit.

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