Snook Fishing With Lures Verses Live Pinfish and Shrimp

Snook Fishing With Lures Verses Live Pinfish and Shrimp

I didn’t exactly set out to fish with lures for Snook compared to live bait, but it’s plan to see that the real thing is more attractive to the fish at the river. In the video I didn’t actually show how much time I spent casting and retrieving the fake DOA shrimp, MirrOdine and Yo-zuri lures, trust me though, they had a fair chance to hook up with some Snook. The truth of the matter is that all of the strikes while fishing on this night were on the live bait.

I started out pitching the DOA 4″ fake shrimp with the gold sparkles and fished with it for about thirty minutes. I them switched over to live shrimp for about the same amount of time and didn’t have any luck either. I

It wasn’t until I put on the small live Pinfish that the action started to heat up. I really wish I’d had a couple of dozen of those baits because every one that I used got hit, one of them got hit twice on two different casts. Now it’s possible that some of the strikes could have been Mangrove Snappers, but the chances are also good that they were from hungry Snook.

The only fish landed during the late night adventure was a really healthy Snook, about thirty four inches long that engulfed a very tiny live shrimp.

This was a very challenging night fishing trip at the river due to a several factors. 1. It’s spring break and there are a lot of people walking late at night which I believe causes the Snook to not congregate along the seawall. 2. The fishing pressure has increased because kids are on spring break. It’s unusual for me to see four people fishing along the seawall like I did last night. 3. The Snook are starting their seasonal migration out of the river areas.

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