December 9, 2022

Salmon Fishing Equipment

Lures, graphite rods, and a dazzling array of flies, are you sure you’re having the best salmon fishing equipment? Salmons are a picky lot and making them bit

Lures, graphite rods, and a dazzling array of flies, are you sure you’re having the best salmon fishing equipment? Salmons are a picky lot and making them bit is a tricky business. Having the appropriate lure for a certain condition is considered fair salmon fishing practice.

How about encountering a 50 pound King salmon with only an 8 foot light tackle? Youd be cursing your breath for that little oversight on your part. Even your wife will be cursing you to death; I would if Im accompanying you.

So don’t ever bring curtailed equipment. Of course you can still battle that 50 pound salmon to submission with the 8 foot rod, and if you land the Chinook successfully you deserve the president patting your back. Heck, I would fly to your destination if you just let me know. But chances are, Joe, it would be a losing battle.

Are you heading for salmon fishing with the best equipment? Heres a salmon fishing equipment checklist if you need one.

Remember, best doesn’t spell out as most expensive. It is a matter of a salmon fishing equipment doing as it should: fishing rods that don’t slip, lines that don’t break, and lures that even minnows are fooled.

Lures, Baits and Flies
Angling, when schematically done is mostly: locate game, prepare tackle, and fish. Using the appropriate lures always guarantees a bite. The only tricky part is brewing the right stuff. Cured salmon roe is considered by many to be the most irresistible treat but it comes with a price. They aren’t reusable of course. While flies can be a promising salmon fishing equipment, adding scents can amplify its attractiveness to the salmon.

Fishing Rods
Salmon fishing rods must have a mixture of characteristic: it must be flexible to handle the freaking aerial displays of silver salmon but and it must robust enough to handle the rock-like pull of a Chinook, all the while still fairly maneuverable to provide a decent jiggle. Of course you can bring several choices to meet several situations. Graphite steel provides the best flexibility while retaining some lightness and strength. Bamboo rods are also a popular choice and cheaper besides.

In the past, traditional reels are of simple construction. Its construct has no drag at all; anglers have to palm the revolving rim to slow the rotation and the fish. New reel designs now allow drag mechanism that would reduce line feeding in an event the fish decides to bolt away from the angler. Power assisted reels are often useful in landing heavier fish, or if the angler don’t have enough muscle strength to subdue a frenzied fish most especially useful on big game fish like the tuna or tarpon.

Using the appropriate line always dictate a successful catch. Think of landing a Chinook? These fishes are often coy in nipping bait and would bolt at the slightest provocation. Using a less visible line like the Canjun Advantage Line will make your game unable to smell you. Silvers are more voracious feeder, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are using a stouter line.