Taking a trip to one of these Canadian destinations will be truly fulfilling with enough planning prior to the trip. Here are some helpful guidelines for your Canadian trip.

Determine what lake you want to fish

There are two major kinds of lakes: the conservation limit and catch and release lakes. Conservation limit lakes allow live fish baits such as worms or leeches. Furthermore, you can take home the fish you’ve caught with you. Meanwhile, catch and release lakes require you to use artificial baits such as twister tails. You also can’t take home fish.

Determine the fishing season at conservation lakes

Itching for specific fish to catch in conservation lakes? You have to determine the season of these fish first before you pick the time to go on a fishing trip. Northern Pike isn’t seasonal so you can find them all year round. The same with Bass. Trout are available from the first of January until the 30th of September. Walleye, on the other hand, are available on the third Saturday of May until April 15. Lastly, Muskies can be found on the third Saturday of June until November 30.

Booking a cabin

There are thousands of resort cabins waiting for you! You have to consider first the distance you’re willing to travel from your home to the destination. The best way to search for the best cabin is to research them and canvass prices if necessary by calling them. It would also be helpful to ask a friend to refer you to a good cabin.

Get your supplies ready

When you have booked a cabin, you just need your clothes, fishing gear, fishing license, and other personal items. Most cabins provide you with kitchen utensils and other necessary supplies found at home. You can also bring your own food and drinks.

Challenge yourself and enjoy!

Fishing for big fish such as northern pike or bass will be a challenge as these fish are fierce and aggressive. Practice and get your strategies going while you can as your fishing trip will be fulfilling if you get these prized fish!

And of course, who wouldn’t forget to enjoy? Canada, after all, is the best for fishermen. The bonus of the scenery will leave you gasping all throughout the trip. So don’t forget to enjoy while fishing!