August 15, 2022

Ontario Ice Fishing

Here in Ontario, Canada, fishing becomes its best. This is due to the some 250,000 lakes strewn all over Onatrio. And of course our state holds the biggest of the Great Lakes in the world, the Lake Superior.

Its of no coincidence that our primitive Iroquos forefathers called Ontario as the land of shining and beautiful waters. That is because while the thousands lakes here have waters that indeed seem to shine, these waters are also stock filled to abundance of game fishes. Check it out, ask around where the best stock of Northern Pike, King Salmons, Yellow Perch or Muskies, and most of the answers will lead you to this part of United States and Canada.

Fishing is even better seasonally. When temperature sets for the winter, fishing is still the same as ever, the best. You only have to wear your coziest parka to enjoy fishing still. Ontario is known to have a wide extreme weather. While in summer it gets pretty humid and dry (perfect for any game fishing), Ontario on the winter gets cold enough to freeze over a majority of the lakes. And nothings as sweet as taking your rod to the deepest frozen over portion of the lake and jiggle your line invitingly near those elusive big game fishes. Chinook or Muskellunge anyone? You can jiggle for it while Ontario ice fishing.

Don’t put off Ontario ice fishing on your list of things to do this dreary cold winter. After all, the best way to combat winter depressions is to engage in any outdoor sport. Furthermore, anyone doesn’t have to be very proficient in fishing to enjoy Ontario ice fishing; only the most rudimentary fishing skills are required. In fact, too, many have taken up ice fishing more as a social activity than actual fishing, some bonding outdoor activity that involves many and enhances relationships. Even in some parts of Canada where Ontario ice fishing is often available, it has becomes a favorite pastime to a individuals wanting to slacken their life. Solitary Ontario ice fishing just affords that.

Chances like this don’t happen often, so again don’t scratch it of your list. Where do you go for Ontario ice fishing, you ask? Here are some destinations I can suggest:

Crater Lake is located at southern Ontario, where you can fish for pike, walleye, and yellow perch. Crater like is half an hour drive north of Toronto. This is already a favorite Ontario ice fishing destination, so there are lots of shops and tackle stores that can supply you with everything you need. Most fishermen here are locals who have been fishing for ages. And most of them are very friendly and approachable.

One of the more serious Ontario ice fishing destination, Guelph Lake is a 1700 acre watershed formed by the dam. This is one of the most rewarding Ontario ice fishing destinations, with rewarding catches of Bass, Panfish, Crappie, Pike and of course, the palatable Yellow Perch.