November 27, 2022

How to Build an Ice Fishing Wood Stove Heater

When hiking, going outdoors, or trailblazing or even ice fishing, the rule is always: pack completely but sparingly. That is if you can make a substitute for a stove or a heater, then leave your heater behind and bring all the components that can help you stir an ice fishing wood stove heater. That would be better than lugging a heavy 20 lbs propane heater.

But the problem is, sometimes, even the basics of how to build an ice fishing wood stove heater could elude anybody. Then you’re there stranded in the snow, all chilled out but with no means to start a fire. If you find yourself in this scenario, read on and learn how to how to build an ice fishing wood stove heater, without starting a forest fire.

Basics Regarding How to Build an Ice Fishing Wood Stove Heater

What you need is some tinder, kindling and then long burning logs. If you’re going ice fishing on a small lake or a river, the banks should be a good area to start looking for wood stove heater materials. For the tinder, choose dead branches and twigs, very dried up. If you break them in half they should provide an audible crack and snap. These are your firestarters. For reason they should be very dry so that they catch fire easily. For kindlings, you choose larger branches, none thicker than your wrists. These should also be dead and very dry as they are the ones that capture and store the heat provided by the tinder. The last is the fuel logs. In a home fireplace, these are actual logs, the trunk part which provides slow and long burning. If its too large for your wood stove heater, then you can chop them to pieces.

The second step is choosing a location. There should be several things you should keep in mind. Firstly, your firewood should not be placed near volatile materials, which include standing trees that may have dried twigs that can catch fire. And for the purpose of keeping you warm, you also don’t want to put it in a place where strong wind blows freely.

You can start your fire with a Wood Fire Starter Product like this one:

There are also wood stoves that can save you all the trouble of finding a place or the starting of the fire. At eBay there is a U.S. G.I. M-1941 Military Wood and Coal Stove that eliminates the hassle of finding a good spot and shielding the kindlings from the wind. With a wood stove like this, there should be no problem on how to build an ice fishing wood stove heater.