Bring the basics

Necessary planning should come before taking on a trip to the lakes. Determine what season of the year or the weather when you’re going because you’ll need to know this in order to purchase the right kind of clothes and gears you need to bring.

If you are heading to the lakes in the summer, it would be good to bring insect repellent, sun block, and hats to protect your skin and avoid getting heat stroke. For the extreme cold in the winter with the thick ice and torturous fog especially in the mornings, you have to bring your basic thermal protection clothes. If you need to bring immersion suits, ask storeowners or professionals for tips on what is the best to buy.

You could also opt to buy a fishing map to know where the best fish may be lurking. Moreover, Canadian lakes are vast and there may be hidden spots that these maps could point to you. A GPS would also be good in tracking these fish.

Get your fishing gear ready

Now who would forget this? First on your list should be your fishing rod, of course. Canadian fishing may be taken a bit too seriously, so you might as well bring your best fishing rod to guarantee a high percentage of catching trophy fish.

Fishing lines, hooks, fishing nets, and fishing baits should be next on the list. Some lakes such as catch and release lakes require you to use barbless hooks since you have to release the fish after you have caught them. Barbed hooks can kill the fish after you release them.

Also take note that conservation limit and catch and release lakes require two different fishing baits. For conservation limit lakes, live bait such as worms and leeches can be used, and for catch and release lakes, you can only use artificial bait such as twister tails.

If you are still bummed or confused on where to get all these things, the Internet would provide you valuable information as well as prices on online stores.

Too busy to get ready?

Some Canadian fishers opt to go to an outfitter to provide the necessary supplies needed for a fishing trip. These outfitters offer permits, advice, and gear.

Good gear will help you enjoy your fishing trip all the more. So get all your gear ready and head out for a good fishing trip!