November 26, 2022

Fishing for Walleye in the Autumn

A walleye is a kind of freshwater fish commonly found in the northern parts of the United States and in most of the lakes and rivers found in Canada. It is also

A walleye is a kind of freshwater fish commonly found in the northern parts of the United States and in most of the lakes and rivers found in Canada. It is also known as the yellow walleye, yellow pike, pickerel, and walleyed pike. Walleye are a favorite among fishermen because they are such a challenge to catch.

The Tale of the Cold Front

Walleye do react to certain weather conditions. Normally people attribute it to the cold front; however, everybody knows that there’s more to it than that. In fact, the most perfect times to catch a monstrous walleye will only happen less than a dozen times in a particular season. That is why a fisherman or a walleye hunter, for that matter should be able to monitor the weather and the clouds so they can beat the storm.

Cold fronts have a tremendous effect to how many fish you can catch. But what causes it? A cold front happens when moist warm air and cold dry air collide with each other. The warm air is pushed in east-southeast direction. Other signs of cold front include thunderstorm, snow, tornadoes, rain, and unstable weather.

Find the Action
The best types of walleye show up during the fall. Thus, its also the best time for walleye fishing. What you simply need to do is to look for the best walleye action. In all honesty, fishing for walleye in the fall can be so unpredictable, but as majority of the people say, the worst weather conditions can give you the largest and best kind of fish. Most walleye fish are females. This is because female walleye should be able to eat a lot of food so they can nourish the eggs that they are carrying.

When it comes to fishing for walleye in a river, the fall can be the best season. This is because schools of them will start to move towards the dams and you can usually see them gathering in heads of pools.

The Challenge of Walleye Fishing
Fishing for walleye in the fall can be a very big challenge because the fish may be scattered in different areas of the rivers and lakes. You should take note that the best walleye fishing spot during the summer may not be the same during the fall. This is because the thermal layers associated with summer aren’t present during autumn. Because the level of oxygen starts to even out, the walleye will either be located in weed lines of shallow waters or in the deepness of the lake.

Go into the Shallow Waters
If you want to look for the biggest kinds of walleye, you better go to shallow waters. This is because hungry and large walleye will usually try to find for food around that area. So shallow are they that they only have enough water to cover them. So if you happen to drop by that location, don’t forget to bring the rod. They will be happy to take a bite. Once they’re full, however, they will normally descend into the depths of the lake.

Change in Tactics
Some people complain that they can’t catch walleye during the fall season and blame it on the fish. What they don’t know, though, is that it has something to do with their strategies. They should match their fishing techniques with the seasonal changes. For example, even the environments of the rivers and lakes change in the months of September to October. It also means that your fishing strategies during the summer may not work during the fall.

Techniques in Catching Walleye during Fall

  1. When its fall, what matters most are the big baits and minnows. Go for six-inch minnows attached to a jig of around + ounces. You can jig your bait vertically above the fish. You should be patient enough, however, and give time for the fish to react. While waiting, do the action repeatedly.
  2. Think of using light jigs and line. This is because it can take a long time for the fish to react, considering the coldness of the water. It can’t suck big amounts of river or lake water and it can’t flare its gills the way it used to when the water was warm. Thus, in the fall walleye fishing, you need to concentrate heavily. For best results, you can extend your fishing season for 1 or 2 months more. You will have better chances of getting the best trophy.